Routine 6


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Routine 6  

This playlist has several Mantras, several sets of Kundalini Yoga and  Meditation videos. Mantra helps to relax and connect to our higher consciousness, this is also the case for yoga and meditation. Traditionally Kundalini yoga is done to prepare and facilitate the meditation, because it helps stop the thinking process and raise the vibratory frequency; so the meditation would immediately follow the yoga set. For the Mantras, you may listen, or you may want to chant along, as it is traditionally done, you would chant throughout the length of the video or as much as you desire or need; it is recommended to chant at least 3 minutes to attain higher healing benefits; you only have to let the playlist run from one video to another and chant.

How to chant mantra: When you chant, sit confortably with your back straight if possible, either watch the videos or close your eyes focusing on the point in the center of the forehead, take a deep breath that reaches the navel point, and then chant the entire mantra from this navel point during the entire exhale, continue to repeat the process as you continue chanting. But remember that even listening to Mantra will help attain a state of mindfulness and relaxation which has great health benefits.

The introduction to Kundalini Yoga set and the other sets  are very easy and could be done anywhere, even at work; any of these yoga sets can be done in a chair which is good for people who have any physical limiting problems; I have knee problems so I skip exercises and do only what I can do; Kundalini Yoga is also excellent for raising the vibratory frequency; the instructors explain all the health benefits throughout the duration of the videos.

For the meditation or mindfulness segment, you may want to do at least 10 minutes to gain benefits; while meditating you would need to stop the thinking process and concentrate on the breath which should be as slow as possible, deep inhale and deep exhale that reaches the navel point; you can either focus on the images and the music on the videos, or you may close your eyes; you may either sit in a chair or the floor comfortably, with the back straight, or you may lay down, being careful not to fall asleep.

The Mantra, Yoga, and Meditation routine will elevate your vibration, detoxify, rejuvenate, and relieve stress; most importantly, it heals. Mantra chanting produces a vibratory frequency that works on the body, mind and spirit the same way as when you take a pill, it triggers chemicals in your body that repair and heal. You can spread out the routine throughout the day or week as is convenient for your schedule; it is important to understand that providing the body, mind and spirit an opportunity to relax and rest promotes health wellness and you will be more energetic, creative, productive and joyful. Research shows that it is during states of rest and relaxation, as well a non-thought state of mind, or neutral mind, and an emotional state of optimism, that the body is able to activate its self-repair mechanisms and restore its health to wellness and healing; this is also the case to prevent illness and imbalance (Rankin, 2013).

The ‘Mantrapedia’ in the menu, provides the meanings to the mantras. The lyrics follow below or you may print them from the ‘Mantras-print’ in the menu, so you can expand the image, and enjoy chanting along; the images are beautiful and very relaxing.

I have additionally added a yoga routine in Spanish, as well as some more relaxation music for working or study and music for sleeping of a duration of up to 11 hours, for those nights that it is difficult to fall asleep. I also added the Hooponopono mantra from the Hawaiian wisdom traditions in routine 9. Enjoy!


NOTE: To view all the videos in the YouTube playlist, you  may either press the right arrow” on the right-hand side of the screen OR you can press the word “Playlist” on the top-left hand side of the screen, and you can choose the one you would like to see; after you choose press again in same place and you will exit into the video itself.

 In case of technical problems, the direct link in Youtube for the playlist of this routine is:


Playlist-Routine 6

Complete mantras:

Mantra 1: I am thine, in mine myself Wahe Guru, Humee Hum,Toon Hee Ton, Wahe Guru. Wahe Guru… Wahe Jio
Jai Jagdeesh, video Victoria Paz

Mantra 2: Ung Sung Wahe Guru Ganesha band, video Tracy Burnley
lyrics: Ung Sung Wahe Guru (x’s)…May the light of a thousand suns shine through, live the life of Grace you were meant to, Wahe Gure (X’s) Carry the light of God’s love into this world, Be the open heart the Earth longs for, Can you feel it? (X’s)…In your heart can you feel it? Open your heart, open your heart, can you feel it? Ung Sung Wahe Guru (x’s); May the long time Sun shine upon you, All Love sorround you and the pure light within you guide your way home, guide your way home…Sat Nam

Mantra 3: Mul Mantra Nirinjan Kaur, video Mer Vivar
Lyrics: Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam, Karta Purkh, Nirbhao, Nirvair Akal Moort, Ajuni, Sai Bhang, Gur Prasad, Jap, Ad Such, Jugad Such heo be Such, Nanak Hosi Bee Such 

Mantra 4: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung
Snatan Kaur, video Noalek

Mantra 5: I am the light of my soul, I am beautiful, I am bountiful I am bliss, I am, I am
Sirgun Kaur & Sat Darshan Singh, video Naraya999

Mantra 6: Om Mani Padme Hum
posted Fabidreams

Mantra 7: In the light of love we are whole, In the light of love we are home, in the light of love we heal and sing Thy will be done, In the light of love, Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha
by Deva Premal, Miten & Manose, video Prabhu Music

Mantra 8: Ajai Alai Abhai Abai Abhoo Ajoo Anaas Akaas Aganj Abhanj Alakkh Abhakkh Akaal Dyaal Alaykh Abhaykh Anaam Akaam Agaaha Adhaaha Anaathay Pramaathay Ajonee Amonee Na Raagay Na Rangay Na Roopay Na Raykhay Akarmang Abharmang Aganjay Alaykhay
Mirabai Ceiba

Mantra 9: Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guroo Dayvay Nameh
Jai Jagdeesh

Mantra 10:  Jai radha madhav; Jai kunj vihari; Jai gopi jana vallabh; Jai gire balihari
Deva Premal, Miten and Manose

Mantra 11: Despierta -Awaken- (words on video)
Mirabai Ceiba

Mantra 12: Ong Namo Snatan Kaur
Lyrics: The Rain is falling down, like all the souls you send here, coming to this Earth to find healing. Mother Earth takes in the rain, like your heart takes my voice, let us free each other with our prayers, with our voice. And I’m coming home…Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (x’s), Gure Dev, Guru Dev Namo (x’s). I bow my head to God and God took all of me, every imperfection, God took all me, and everyday God lives and breathes in me, looking in the mirror, I love you sweet God. Oh my Beloved, Kindness of the Heart, Breath of Life, I bow to You. Divine Teacher, Beloved Friend, I bow to You again and again. Lotus sitting on the water, beyond time and space, this is Your way, this is Your Grace, Ong Namo, Guru Dev  Namo (x’s)… this is Your way (x’s)… this is Your Grace (x’s) every breath I take…every word I speak…every tear I shed…every hand I hold…every thought I have…. this is your way….this is your Grace.

Mantra 13: I AM, Hare Har Wahe Guru (song on video)
Nirijin Kaur video Mer

Kundalini Yoga -videos in English

Video 14: Introduction to Kundalini Yoga  YogaVision

Video 15: Kundalini Yoga: Master your domain  Anne Novak

Video 16: Kundalini Yoga: Yoga for Real Life  Maya Fiennes

Video 17: Kundalini Yoga: Radiant Body Kriya & Meditation  Anne Novak

Kundalini Yoga-videos in Spanish

Video 18: Kundalini Yoga para desintoxicar y desestresar - parte I calentamiento - Maya Fiennes

Video 19: Kundalini Yoga para desintoxicar y desestresar - parte 2 la rutina - Maya Fiennes

Meditation Music

Video 20: Relaxation Spa Music Healing Massage Music, posted by Chiyolshido

Video 21: Reiki Music Meditation CaminoalDespertar

Video 22: Beautiful Autumn Music okanokumo

Relaxation Music for Working, Study or Sleeping & Album

Video 23: Relaxing mantra music Album Deva Premal & Miten

Video 24: Karunesh Call of the Mystic Relaxation Music MyHappyWeek

Video 25: Gentle Rain 10 Hours Scra9000

Video 26: Background Music Instrumentals  relaxdaily




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