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Conferences & Interviews on Ancient Wisdom and Universal Consciousness 

This is a playlist of some of the most well-known and respected speakers, teachers and guides of Universal Consciousness in the World. They speak about ancient wisdom and make connections to our science today and how we may use this wisdom to live life reaching higher levels of consciousness always guided by our heart’s magnetic energy and reminding that we need to stay in a high vibrational frequency to ensure a continuous flow of energy; this in turn allows and maintains peace, emotional balance and harmony in our daily lives. Fear, pessimism, resentment, sadness and other negative states of mind stagnates the flow of energy and the contrary, truth, gratitude, courage, strength, optimism, and a state of satisfaction or joy makes the energy flow and like a magnet attract only nice experiences and relationships into our lives. These conferences will guide and enlighten as to how this ancient wisdom can be used to better our lives and our world around us in our Journey on Earth. The 9 routines will ensure constant energy flow, maintaining our high frequency, and these positive states of mind, body, heart and spirit; moreover a routine like this one keeps a continuous connection to our higher self, our consciousness and our awareness; these routines can be used as our ‘maintenance plan’ for life.

Note: I highly recommend Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds, part 1 to 4



To view all the videos in the YouTube playlist, you  may either press the “right arrow” on the right-hand side of the screen OR you can press the word “Playlist” on the top-left hand side of the screen, and you can choose the one you would like to see; after you choose press again in same place and you will exit into the video itself.

When you press the “i” inside the circle at the top right corner of the screen, it gives you all the information about the video available.

In case of technical problems, the direct link in Youtube for the “Ancient Wisdom”playlist is:

I also recommend: Courses and Conferences on Universal Truth at



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